Never Back Down

Is it never too late to resign? No,this is by no means a call for the breaking of sporting ethics,when one chess player in an absolutely hopeless position continues a pointless resistance,showing a clear lack of respect both for himself and his opponent.A player should also be able to lose with pride and at the right time,but... It is to Napoleon that the words "No battle was ever won by capitulation" are attributed, but even if the great commander did not utter them,even so such a thought is justified. And therefore before you stop the clocks and hold out your hand to your opponent, look round the board once more again, and ponder over the position. Because dozens and even hundreds of times-who can make an accurate count?! even well known masters and grandmasters have resigned at a point when it was time to conclude peace,or even to chalk up a point in their column in the tournament table. We realize to belive but facts are indisputable
Positions with detailed analysis will be uploaded soon.


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