A day with Harish Kumar

Today I took interview of a well known Chess Coach from Karnataka,Mr. Harish Kumar.
He has got 12 years experience as a chess coach who has a lot of patience to teach his students.
Now lets see the interview
Q1. Sir when were you first introduced to the game?
A1. I was first introduced to the game of chess at the age of 9 while my uncle was playing chess with his friends.
Q2. When you first saw them playing the game of chess for the first time what was your reaction?
A2. I was keenly interested to learn the game,though I was introduced to the traditional chess and did not know the technical name of the pieces.
Q3. How did you learn modern chess?
A3. I learnt modern chess through my teacher Mr.Krishna Moorthy,the founder of Anand Chess Club in my school.
Q4. How did you continue your chess career?
A4. I started my professional career by playing some local chess events and school tournaments and later played in District and State level too.
Q5. What are your achievements as a chess player?
A5. I do not have big achievements as a chess player,though I won few district and inter district tournaments and got to top 10 in the state.There was no opportunity in my place because I only found Udupi Chess Association  to promote the game of chess. There were no chess ebooks, or any chess softwares. I have played 5 to 6 national events, and achieved the highest rating of 1752.
Q6. When you started Chess Coaching?
A6. I started chess coaching at the age of 21.
Q7. How much experience do you have as a chess coach and why should someone look for you?
A7. I have a 12 years of experience as a chess coach.
       I think someone should look for me because I do not teach any openings to my students at the beginning, I mainly concentrate on middlegame and endgame. There are many coaches who teaches a variety of different openings and increasing class hours to make profit. Chess is not like a business for me it is my passion. People should select me also because they can learn quickly and I have my own syllabus which will really help them to improve.

OK,Thank you Sir for this interview.

Last Question: Was this interview short and nice?
Answer: It is a very good interview, I could share a lot about chess.


  1. Nice interview.! Inspirational,for budding Chess
    Players.!!(I am wife of Jagadish Dube.)

  2. Thank you mam, I have a passion of writing and I wanted to showcase my talents, I will produce more articles in the future.


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