Hello Dear readers,
This is my first article in my own blog and I hope this will help your chess,
So I am going to discuss about the art of defense in chess.
Now in chess it can happen that on encountering a prepared variation you have lost the opening       battle or you cant equalised with Black . Yes,you can be outplayed by your experienced opponent in positional manoeuvring or have not guessed your opponent's plan,or have simply been careless - and now your position is serious. Do not despair : you have one last chance. And not such a slight one as might be imagined.This chance is defence.Passive,active,combinational ... It is an essential and highly important component in the game of any player, and it is no accident that even some highly talented players,who have idolized only attack have failed to achieve that which they could well have expected.Therefore Now you know what actually defence is and to perform is the art of defense.


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