Elimination of Candidate Moves Masters Section(Introduction)


The upper two percent of tournament players employ so shortcuts that they can play good moves at a glance,as they do in simultaneous exhibitions. They rely much more than other players on an intuitive sense of what the right move looks like and they are able to recognize the important elements in a position- when doubling a pawn matters and when it does not, for example. Moreover, masters are able to detect when they need to calculate and  when they need to calculate and when they can and should avoid it. They trust their level of expectation to tell them when they should look for a superior, second candidate or even a third. And they know how to balance subjective factors, such as the degree of risk in deciding what move to make.

This is the introductory article of the masters section. Now you come to know why are these certain group of people are called "masters". Hope you liked the article. Keep reading and please share. Thank you!


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