Elimination of Candidate Moves (On Tournament players)

Experienced Tournament Players- These players have mastered many of the basic techniques of move selection. They can spot a candidate that violates general principles. There are acquiring some intuition. They have also developed shortcuts in the second stage of the process. They know that in some positions they can safely halt their calculation after looking only two moves into the future, whereas in other positions they may have to look much further to be reasonably sure of a candidate's soundness. And in the third stage, their ability to evaluate goes far beyond that of lower-rated players. They will rarely conclude that a position is plus-over-minus when it is really equal.

In the position below, White has just played 1. Ne5 and seems to be threatening 2. Nxc6.
Black played 1...Nfd7!? Black knows it was not a threat eliminating the e5 knight is more important than granting White the two-bishop advantage and rupturing Black's queenside pawns. He stood well after 2. Qd3 g6 3. Nxc6 bxc6 4. Bh6 Re8 5. Ne4 Nd5 6. Bd2 Qb6
Today I talked about the thinkings of regular tournament players who are yet to become masters because of certain limitations, such as their calculation which I discussed in this article.
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