Elimination of Candidate Moves Part-1

Today we are going to know what is Elimination of candidate moves

Selecting the most accurate chess move is a very difficult task. While we begin to take chess seriously,by reading books or playing in tournaments, we have forgotten how difficult the process is.
We have forgotten because we take for granted various steps to save time. Without those shortcuts, selecting one move out of dozens of possibilities would seem impossible.

White has 40 legal moves at his disposal and that's typical for the start of the middlegame. White had an average of 38 possibilities when making his 20th move. Black had an average of 34 possibilities when he replied. But only a chess engine examines 34.38 or 40 moves in a given position. The beginner learns to immediately dismiss some moves. . It takes more experience to realize that other moves  should be rejected  because they make little or no sense. Eventually a player goes beyond these and learns to recognize moves that are not only not-bad but possibly good. We have given them a name," candidate moves". They are the finalists in the move selection process.
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