Elimination of Candidate Moves Intermediate Part-2

In the following position, Black says to himself,"If I play Bxb3, he has to retake or he'll be a knight down. He will recapture towards the center,axb3. Then I reply Nb4 and I have a strong attack with Qa5 coming up." Black's tactical vision cant be faulted. After 1... Bxb3 2.axb3 Nb4 he would have a serious initiative, e.g. 3. Kb1 Qa5 followed by Rxc3 and Qa2+. The problem is not visualization but sloppy optimism. Black has not reached the level of sophistication to say "If I play Bxb3, I stand well if he recaputres with the a-pawn. But maybe that's not the best reply.What happens on cxb3?Hmm, if I paly Bc4 then he just moves his king to b1 and he is quite safe so maybe Bxb3 is not my best move."
I think in this article I have got the thinkings of the intermediate chess players. After working hard on it, I have got the limitations of the intermediate chess players. My next article will be on how does an Experienced Tournament Player think and how can an intermediate player go to his next level.
Hope you liked my article. Keep reading!


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